Your Wedding at Palmazul

The wedding of your dreams? Decorated just as you wanted, with your favorite colors, a fresh seafood menu, the most delicious cocktails in the Ecuadorian coast and the wedding cake just as you wanted!

Come to Palmazul and live the wedding of your dreams!

 This event can be design in two different ways, one is the Traditional wedding, where we set tables for your guests to sit and enjoy the banquette you have picked up for them or the Cocktail wedding which is a unique way of celebrating your union and available exclusively at Palmazul Hotel & Spa, which gives your guests more flexibility and the chance to mingle while enjoying gourmet hors d'oeuvre served around lounges and lighted cocktail tables around the pool area.

 For your wedding we offer as well a variety of services such as massage for the couple, hair and make up for the bride and guests, sharing accommodation for 40 people at the hotel and 30 at adjunct apartments at the Vistazul complex, entertainment show, live band and professional video and photograph service.

 I could tell you many more details about your wedding but actually the most important information is my wish to support and keep up to your expectations! 

 Don’t hesitate to contact me! my dream is to make your dream wedding come true!