Following the principles of social responsibility of our company, Palmazul Hotel and Spa has benefited the community of the area by employing residents and training them to offer an international quality service, always maintaining the characteristic human warmth of Ecuadorians.

The arduous task of selecting and training staff with no previous experience in the hotel industry, capturing the essence and sympathy of the locals, to implement an excellent service, was the work of Jéssica Meza, owner of the hotel, Jéssica has proposed herself to make Palmazul a very special place for you to enjoy it to the fullest.

The warmth of Palmazul Hotel & Spa responds to the effort and affection of a whole family; Inés, Jéssica's mother, is the one in charge of the management of Palmazul and will make your stay an experience to remember and repeat; Julio, her father, was in charge of delivering us a solid and durable construction, which even remained practically intact during the 2016 earthquake.

Kike, Jéssica's brother, is the operations manager, graphic designer and community manager; the author of the spectacular photos and videos of Palmazul that are published on social networks. He is also in charge of making reservations through digital media, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Cintia, Jéssica's sister, supports her in managing online booking platforms such as Booking, Expedia and TripAdvisor; She is also a Chef and was in charge of defining the Cocomar menu.

Tita, Kike's wife, carries out a permanent quality control and makes sure that Palmazul's motto remains in force, "offer a service with warmth, which would seem to read your mind"; She is also in charge of confirming pending reservations so that no one misses their stay in this tropical paradise.

You will be able to verify that, from the moment you arrive at our facilities, you will be treated as one of our family.

Palmazul Hotel and Spa was co-founded by the Norwegian businessman Kjetil Haugan, who has an extensive experience in the tourism industry of Ecuador since 1994 and Jessica Meza, a tourism engineer who started her career at the age of 16, and opened her first travel agency by 19. Together they are pioneers in the luxury tourism industry and founders of important companies in Ecuador.

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